Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21st Updates

Today I read "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" by Gene R Cook, 8 Nov 1981, A BYU devotional address.  I really liked that he said "Challenges and difficulties that many of us resist are the very elements which refine us and make godly men and women" he also added that "the Lord will try you in every attribute possessed by man and at stages of development in your life"  and this will be continually repeated "until you know that you are able and will serve him at all costs" and we should "be sure to receive whatever the Lord gives to you with a thankful heart" ... I think I need to thank Heavenly Father in prayer more for my challenges and tell why I am thankful for them and what I have learned as a result.  It is true what they say about missions- it is the hardest thing we will ever do in our lives thus far and probably ever will do.  Probably because we are always trying to have the spirit with us, to know what people need when we don't even know them to pray that Heavenly Father will give us words to say. 
Answers to prayers.  Fear God not man.  Don't care what other people think or if what you think you should do is not socially acceptable, usually things pertaining to God are not accepted by the world.  When I feel good about what to do in life and set aside other peoples opinions I feel God is happy with me and have a feeling of peace in my heart, like a 7am on a summers morning. 
This week I have been thinking a little about commandments, and how it is a commandment to follow the prophet. and the apostles, and all those who are called of God, (this means me too :D ) And I hope no ever thinks, I like I have "Well, if thats the worse thing I can do than I am pretty good" This is saying, I know I am rebelling against God but I don't care, and is always saying I know better than God does.  Everything God says, through the voice of the servant or through him it is the same (D&C 1:38), is for our benefit.
The three basics,  I promise as you do these things you have more peace in your life, daily strength to concur the everyday stresses and challenges and feel closer relationship with God. 
1. Pray daily, individually and with your family.
2. Study (not read like a novel) the book or mormon.  It feels so good to tip my feet in the cool pool water of this book
3. go to church. 
Yup, that simple, the basics, no perfection, no huge list of dos and don'ts and stress and "I have so much to do!" because as you do these,  I promise, you will have time for everything you need to do.  I am a missionary, called by a prophet of God.  I speak truth. 
Yesterday  I read this months Ensign (see "Teaching the doctrine of the Family" by Julie Beck, whom I actually shook hands with and hugged in the MTC, she came and spoke in Relief Society.  I loved when she said we don't have to be prefect or set insanely high goals just the basics saying "Live in your home so that you're brilliant in the basics, so that you're intentional about your roles and responsibilities in the family.  Think in terms of precision not perfection" as you do this your family "will learn that you pray, study the scriptures, have family home evening, make priority of meal times and speak respectfully of your marriage partner" isn't that an awesome promise! I love this article, also cross reference to "the family, a proclamation to the world"
Yesterday  I had the opportunity to teach in English, as I taught I prayed "please help me listen, I am trying to listen and trying not to think of what I will say next, please give me what to say" My companions, only for a period of 4 hours was a native thai, the person we were teaching was a member for 3 years but stopped going to church, he is from Japan and stayed in the states for a time and now in Thailand.  I asked him, being from Japan and not claiming a religion before and being sort of Buddhist how he knew the restoration and Joseph Smith were true. "At first, I thought it was a very tale and make believe" he said "but I started to pray and read the scriptures and I felt it was true.  As I prayed I could feel it was real"  He also said how he knows God is real because he has receive answers through the Holy Ghost (the spirit of God) through his thoughts and feelings. Which is amazing! this means he is asking questions in prayer.  He seems like a great member who has a testimony of daily scripture study and prayer and the restoration.  I asked what was keeping him for going to church "It is a day we spend as a family"  and how they are busy and that is their family day. He felt he had to choose between church or spend time with his family, and he chose family.  I told him "I prayed really hard before I came here where Heavenly Father wanted us to go today.  He loves you and he has sent us here" he explained he needed to be reminded and was going through some challenges.  I told him "I know you love your family very much and you know you can be together forever but in order for you to be with your family forever you have to keep the promises you made at baptism" I explain baptism like a drivers license and sacrament is renewing it "what if I said 'well I got it once' does it count'" He did not commit to coming to church.  I told Sister Hirschi (my real khuu) and she said next we will teach the atonement, and forgiveness of sins through the baptism/taking the sacrament. 

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