Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hummm dinger

So, went dancing on Saturday. I love dancing! Last slow song of night danced with a stranger, before I could ask "Do you know how to waltz? want to learn?" He asked if I knew! Yay! and, man, let me tell you, felt so good and right! Also got to swing dance Anyways..

Also at the end of the dance, when the lights came on, talked about the MTC with Steven Body, (previous mission lead in the branch) Told me it is amazing there. I kind of grunged at the fact I would be there for 12 weeks, 3 months, $1200 worth of time. He said something on the lines of "It is the most pure place other than the temple. Evil cannot reside there because it is being constantly pushed out. Only way evil can enter is if you invite it in... You will learn so much and the teachers are the best. It is not like an Elder gets off his mission and thinks 'I think I want to work in the MTC for awhile' They are really the best of the best." He agreed food gets old and small living quarters suck. Told me you get to go to the temple every week on your P (personal) day, which I already knew.

A stranger asked me to befriend her on facebook. I added her to look at her info to see if I knew her (usually look then delete as a friend if I don't) She is LDS and resides in Thailand. I asked her how she found me. She said she asked the Elders in the office for all the incoming missionaries and found me on facebook. Crazy, right? I found a sister missionary, in her friend list, who has served there and went home. What a blessing! I asked her all the questions I had been wondering about (I will probably post the Qs on facebook, not on this blog tho). Also the girl in thailand created an event '126 days til Christmas. Let's read the Book of Mormon" I invited all my friends, non members too. And a non member joined! I sent her the following message:

I noticed you join this group. I assume you do not have a Book of Mormon. 2 ways you can read it

1. by order a free copy- see link below


2. Reading it online- http://scriptures.lds.org/en/bm/contents

Also, thought you may want to know what to expect when reading it too. http://www.mormon.org/book-of-mormon/

I know this book is true and that Joseph Smith, a prophet of God translated it. I know this because I have prayed and asked my heavenly father if it is true. If you have any questions I would love to try to answer them.

Request a free Book of Mormon | Mormon.org
The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is a record of God’s dealings with the inhabitants of ancient America (Learn more about the Book of Mormon).

Ashley Shea-
Haha believe it or not I already have a Book of Mormon.

Katrina Amero-
That's awesome! Well it is online too. I would read the introduction first. I found it very helpful.


Yesterday, I asked my mom when running Errands "Mom, what do you think about missionary work?"
"You know I don't like it"
"Why is that?"
"I don't know. I think it is embarrassing to talk about religion to others... They already have their opinions and it not like I am going to tell them anything new"
"Really? You don't think you're not going to tell them anything new?!"
"Not really, they already have there mind made up"
"Do people at work know your Mormon"
"Yeah they know"
"Do they ever ask you questions?"
She said something along the lines of "Sometimes, but not really. I don't see the point in sharing if they aren't interested. They have to be already looking for me to share"

This made me think. Do people have to search on there own, do it ALL on their own in order to find the true gospel of God (seems like that what my mom means) I think 'every member a missionary' and we don't need a cross around our necks to be distinguished. It is by our works that we are known. So, with that in mind, I think God places us where we are able to share the gospel, I don't think we have to be asked. I think if I feel prompted I should do so. It may not be for that persons benefit, but maybe mine. Maybe so my testimony will grow and I will be better equipped when someone who is really interested I can be even more prepared, and knowledge filled to share.

Today I went shopping and I was surprised there was Halloween candy. I picked up my mom favorite- Almond Joys, Dads- Peanut M%Ms, Mine- butterfinger. I carried them to the cart and mom whispers- We don't need those... put them back. Plus, you haven't been exercising that good this week" I whisper "Why are you whispering?" She didn't reply. I exercised 4 times last week- I went hiking, ran, pilates, and went dancing. Thanks for calling me fat Mom, so rude

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got a letter from Bangkok

The letter is a welcome, and congratulations and also to use my time wisely in the MTC and in the field. Surprised it didn't say to be time wise before mission or to study as much as I can before.

Also to not worry about the living conditions. And that the voltage there is 220, so make sure my straightner, curling iron and blow dryer don't exceed that. But the converters aren't reliable so purchase them here. But large curling irons don't exist there.

Also won't be wearing nylons- bring enough for MTC and zone conference, district conferences.

Thought it was interesting to bring 12 hankerchiefs, for when it is hot, which is always.

Light blouses (white or pastel), but bring deodorant, not antiperpiant because the armpits will turn yellow- yummy. Also there are no dryers in Thailand, all hang dry.

They also suggest I don't buy a backpack in the U.S. I guess I will be returning mine.

Also that shoe sizes above size 7 is difficult to find in Thailand.

Something I wasn't going to back- sweater and blazer. for when there is AC.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spilts with the sister Mills and Ash

Yesterday, I did splits with the sister Missionaries. Me and Sister Mills taught the plan of salvation to a 13yr boy and his younger brother. The mother already heard the lesson but wanted them to hear it too since it filled in alot of holes for her. The mother has not committed to baptism yet, her husband, according to sister Mills "Has been golden since the get go but Gidget needs some more work" The husband is getting baptized this Sunday! The 13yr old doesn't know if he wants to get baptized, he is very quiet. He was peaking into the culture hall and I told him about young mens, and basketball, and high adventure and all the fun activities, He started to smile and the mother stated she wanted him involved in something like that.

After we shared the plan of salvation to the boys the mother said she would be able to go to church the next 2 sundays. Sister Mills then says "you know, if you come to church the third Sunday, you could get baptized that day?" she now has a baptism date of Aug 29th! I was joking with Sister Mills, "It's cuz I was here, see? first lesson, and I already got baptism commitments" :P And... The husband is set to get the Aaronic priesthood by the 29th so he will baptize her! The wife said, "I always wanted to get married in a church" "Oh," I said "Well, a temple is even better" and briefly explained 'for all time and eternity" verses "til death do ye part." Also, this was odd I said this and wasn't sure why I was prompted too- I told her that babies go strait to the celestial kingdom, and unlike Catholics believe, we believe that babies are innocent and do not have original, Adam's sin. She then tells me she used to be catholic and had 5 miscarriages. I am happy the spirit prompted me to share that with her, she began to cry and was happy that Heavenly Father is taking care of lost children in heaven.

I was also suppose to do a church tour at 1pm with the sisters but the person didn't show tho. Emily, the fellowship person showed, she has been investigating the church for 3 yrs but parents won't let be baptized until she is 18 in May. So all of us just had a lesson about the mission call letter, what stuck out, and also what blessing are families have by us serving and how every member is a missionary and can conduct self like one now.

Oh, I also calculated how much gas I am spending this month- $350. Ouch.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thought I would enjoy the Sun

Well, I don't. The Sun woke me up every day since i quit. First day was like at 5 something, same with the next, and the next was at like 640, Today was 710 so it is getting better. I really ought to go to bed closer to 10pm though so I can have 8hrs of rest.

Also going hiking today, WaterFalls! YAY! first hike since I quit, was going to go on Monday but strained my back, probably was work, idk. So did chores for like 4 hrs and then was scolded by my sister and mother about picking up. Caught me off guard too...

On Tuesday I did like 5 weeks worth of Laundry, lol, found 1 pr of hospital scrubs, not gonna return them though, work was 20 miles away.

Also, I have 1 week left of school. Almost done. After I pound out school gonna read "Jesus the Christ" want to finish Doctrine and Convenants, in section like 63 right now, want to finish the Book of Mormon too, in Alma 50s or 60s now, want to study preach my gospel, all lessons and begin reading, "drawing on the powers of heaven" when buying this book also bought Christmas 2010, since I won't be around for it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh Joy, no more foil on the window pane

Left work feeling kind of empty. Did all my work, as usual. I didn't care that I was leaving, haven't slack off yet, why start now? Plus, didn't want to leave with any regrets. Day shift, for the past two days, haven't said anything to me unless I ask them something- then it's short responses. As I was clocking out one says, "So, why are you leaving" I give her a short reply since she worked beside in silence for the past 20 min with no intention for conversation, wasn't about to start a long as I am leaving, "I want a break." "you want a break?" "yup."

... But I'm not really taking a break, am I? When employed I did FHE and school now Every week I will- go to school, fhe, institute, dances, service projects, do visit teaching, splits with the sisters, and Temple trips. In between all that- study preach my gospel, and Thai Language. Plus help more around the house.

My experience at St. Joseph has been... what word first comes to mind is- Disgusting. I am a supply stock person for areas over the hospital, including the OR. I was (love WAS!) a Material Specialist. Which means supplies. During my employment I, However, did patient transports, including to the morgue (very interesting sick smells) and dirty linen. Had to retrieve contaminated baby carts and basins used during birth to be sterilized too. Also the Aroma of the Tacoma is always pleasant especially when it enters the hospital ventilation system (or the hospital doesn't ventilate)- smells like a baby ate prunes and the diaper went through a giant Hollywood fan. Minor negatives I guess. At least the benefits were good, I would work for the Franciscan Health System again- Just not on Hilltop, or working graveyard 5 days a week.

Now That I am unemployed, Wow! that means I won't have to split my sleep in half on Tuesdays or stay up for 29 hours on Sundays! :D

I can put my focus where it needs to be. Preparing. (see July 13 post 'planning')