Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Update to the President.

President Smith,
This week I was so happy I had the opportunity to teach English. The church members and members of the community are so anxious to learn and are so helpful in the class. I am so blessed that I am able to serve the people of Thailand in this regard.

I am happy to hear you enjoyed speaking with my mother, she is truly an amazing saint, I am happy to hear you felt you have become good friends with her. She looks forward to picking me up from Thailand.

We have two progressing investigators, one a family and the other a middle age woman. We also had someone from off the street come to church, a person who has never studied with Missionaries but already has a testimony of the gospel and has sacrficed so much. Her faith is amazing,because she has already had her husband leave her for it.

I know the people of Thailand are being prepared to hear the gospel, the middle age woman told us she has studied a lot. I know she is thirsting for the gospel, she came to church and told a member after she returns from going out of town she is getting baptized and will learn more from the sisters. This was news to us! I know she will be a great member, she even helped on Sunday with preparing the food.

Contacting is fun, we talk to so many people. I can tell they have no idea what I am saying and just look at Sister Hirschi, but I am glad they don't tell me negative remarks, they are so kind and are shocked when I tell them (then Sister Hirschi repeats the same phrase and then they get it) that I haven't even been here for 2 weeks yet. They are a very helpful and giving people.

We had it wrong, Katrina is in Srinakarin not Chiang Mai...

Okay we had it wrong. We got Katrina's second email from Thailand. Her companion from the MTC went to Chiang Mai, the heavenly location. That is not Katrina's location. Katrina's first area is just outside of Bangkok in Srinakarin. She is still in shock over the living conditions, the dirt, the molds and the smell of sewer from all the drains. She says she showers with ants and has constant mosquitoe bites. The floaters in the water have been a huge concern and we still don't understand why she isn't buying 100% of her water since the mission office says that they do buy it.

Her good news is that all the people they teach are very ready to hear the lessons and they all want to be baptized.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Weekly Update from Thailand

From Sister Katrina Amero.
Weekly Update letter to her President.

I love it here!! So pretty and the food is amazing, well my tongue tells me that my stomach sometimes disagree, but i eat it anyways cause it is so good!

The members are so welcoming and the area is golden. I wonder why the area was closed in the first place to sisters, why was it?

We are already teaching and have given two soft baptism commitments and both investigators, first lesson, said yes! so cool. we have gotten alot of potentials too, 2 full pages on our planners.

The members are really willing to help us teach too.

The power of prayer works! and even when we have one in our hearts.

I am so grateful that my father in heaven knows me and my desires. When I found out this was one of the areas without a bike for sisters I was thrilled. bikes are very painful for me and I am happy I am in the city, has a interesting smell here though.

I know heavenly father knows I also don't like dogs, and i have not been bitten yet or chased, such a blessing!

I have been humbled though, since my trainer and I are not familiar with the area, but that just means lots of contacting especially when traveling, 3 potential that look really good were from traveling 2 while waiting and 1 taxi driver, actually the one traveling from moves :)

tell Sister Smith I say hi and I love her! You have such a wonderful khuu!

Sister Amero

***That wasn't quite the same update we the parents got, but that's okay.
We were told that she hates showering with ants and wants to hire a maid to do the initial cleaning job on the apt that had not been used by missionaries prior to their arrival in this new opened up area of Chiang Mai. Apparently, there is too much mold and many bugs. Not surprising, but Yikes....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Katrina arrived in Thailand on January 5th.
We just got a message from one of her online girl friends there.
Parnward H Maleerat I just heard from the elder who is my Thai friend that Katrina is now serving in Chiang Mai aka HEAVEN!! I'm soooo excited for her! It's gonna be blast! He said her language is good...I can't wait to see her! I might plan out a trip to Chiang Mai soon! It's in the norther part of the country,it's one of the BEST areas serve!! She is obviously lucky!!! Anyway,I just got a letter from her today! I'm so going to write her back tonight so I can send it out this Sunday!! yay!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011, Departing the MTC

Sister Amero was very excited to depart the MTC after 12 very long weeks learning the Thai language and struggling with illness with intestine infection and a huge dislike to all the cafeteria "bulk food storage" type foods. She is looking forward to many exotic fruits of Thailand.

Katrina called from the airport last night. She spoke some greetings to Telisha in Thai and she bore her testimony in Thai. Telisha says it sounds like she has the accent down! Her Dad says she will do just fine...... Her adventures OUT of the MTC have officially begun. Yay : )
Sister Amero's New Year is starting off just right.....