Monday, April 18, 2011

Teaching Successes in Galveston

My trainer, that sounds so weird since I have been a missionary for over 6 months now, finishes her mission in July.  She actually got an extension, she would be only having one transfer (6 weeks left) but she extended so now she has 2 transfers left. 
I can't believe I have less than a year left!  Time has been so slow.  3 months in the MTC, and 3 in Thailand. Both felt like it lasted forever, I hope time goes fast because we are sure hitting the ground hard.  We have 15 with a baptismal date. 
Last week we had 8 investigators attend church however on Saturday we had 20 confirm "I will be there for sure" "I promise" and only 10 came.  Sunday morning is always crazy frantic arranging last minute rides, being everyones alarm clock, etc.  Hopefully people will come on Easter. 
Also a family just walked into church, we thought they were just new to the ward because the mom said she was a member, back in the 90s. None of her kids are members so we have been teaching them.  The dad is not too open, even though he was a member a long time ago too.  He seemed to get upset when he shared the plan of salvation, about the judgement.  The kids are scheduled to be baptized Easter Day.  In this mission it is required that investigators attend church at least 3 times before they are baptized.  The children ages are 9, 11, 14, and 17.  The 14 year old has the most questions.  She likes the plan of salvation, and she said in the church she is in if someone is not baptized they go to hell she said "what if both your parents didn't believe in God and you didn't learn about it, I don't think God would make you go to hell forever just because you never had the opportunity to learn about it".  I asked her what she thought.  Which was great, she understands great that God loves all of us and there are many people who die without the knowledge of the true church of Jesus Christ.  We explained everyone will have the opportunity to accept it. 
We told the family when they offered us sugar we weren't having any until we got a baptism, the 17 year old said "oh, so that's why you are pushing this whole baptism thing, huh" lol.  So yeah, haven't eaten sugar, and members don't really feed us so I have a feeling I will be shedding some pounds.  We have a car in this area but only to get to church on Sundays and like once a week to go off the Galveston Island.  Our area covers Galveston Island and some of Texas City but most of the time we are working in Galveston.  I am not getting too sore from biking, my back does, but my legs are good, and I haven't fallen off yet, well almost, but we don't talk about that.
Since we teach most people between the hours of 4 and 8pm we never eat dinner.  But I like to cook, so I make breakfast.  It is so nice to have a kitchen not covered in black mold and micro ants. It is also great to have more than just a hot plate and a microwave, and there is hot water that comes out of the faucet, its amazing! We even have hot showers, such a blessing!  So I cook in the morning, I make sugar free smoothies too, I have a blender!  I make eggs, and omelets, and waffles and pancakes and turkey bacon. I have a waffle maker! My companion told me today "your husband is going to love you"

This week we had our temple trip too, on Friday. This mission has a temple trip every time there is general conference and when a missionary leaves to go home.

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