Friday, July 9, 2010

Feelings of recieving my call


I just got my call yesterday. I have been called to labor in the Thailand Bangkok Mission.

I am shocked! I was expecting domestic for sure. I didn't even consider anything outside the 50 states (I did consider puerto rico, and canada tho)

I have been assigned to preach the gospel in the Thia language- gulp. I already stumble on my native language. I am worried. I am sure all missionaries have felt this at one point- How can I share the gospel if I can't speak the language. Yes, they teach you but it is up to me to learn it. I even listed I have had learning disabilities and speech impediments (back in elementary not a problem now, but seems it will be if I will be speaking Thai!) on the application.

The though of "maybe this means I should say no" thinking it is impossible and that by receiving this call means I should say no. Then I thought "Just go to the MTC" and the chain affect will occur. "Think baby steps" I told myself, "Go to the MTC, learn more about the gospel, learn the language, go to Thailand..." and go from there.

Also, thought that "God does not set you, or any of his children, up for failure. Where ever I am needed I will go. The Lord wants me in Thailand then I will go there."

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