Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fear of language

I put on my application, on a 1 to 5 scale a 4 for going foreign and a 4 for learning a new language
but also listed that I had past speech impediment and learning disability

I know I have faith that God can give me the gift of tongues but does not necessarily mean he will.

I predict I will cry and become frustrated when learning and it will be a hardship for me to overcome and conquer. I know that if God wants me to speak Thai, then I will. I know I should not complicate it beyond that.

Yet, I still feel fear... I predict that when in Thailand the first few months will be hard. I know I will learn the language it's just a matter of time. Which is another concern. I feel that once I finally get in the swing of things I will go home. I mean, I am in the MTC for 3 months, and in Thailand for 15 (total of 18 month mission) A little over a year does not seem long enough. Who knows though, maybe I will feel different once I am there.

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