Thursday, October 7, 2010

I love Conference

This talk made me want to be better, and the kind of parent I should be. Also how thankful I am for mine. And how they want to protect me from the scene and unseen dangers of the world. Also to pay attention to the warning even though sometimes we do not know why the spirit does so.

He says "Years ago our 17-year-old son wanted to go on a weekend trip with his friends, who were all good boys. He asked for permission to go. I wanted to say yes, but for some reason I felt uncomfortable about the trip. I shared my feelings with my wife, who was very supportive. “We need to listen to that warning voice,” she said. Of course, our son was disappointed and asked why we didn’t want him to go. I answered honestly that I didn’t know why. “I just don’t feel good about it,” I explained, “and I love you too much to ignore these feelings inside.” I was quite surprised when he said, “That’s OK, Dad. I understand.”

It also hit home when he warned that "Becoming a “couple” creates emotional intimacy, which too often leads to physical intimacy. Satan knows this sequence and uses it to his advantage. He will do whatever he can to keep young men from serving missions and to prevent temple marriages." I hope the youth do not falter, so much is at stake, salvation.

He also says to wait up for them to come home from their night acitiviies "There is a great deal of wisdom displayed when parents stay up and wait for their children to return home. Young men and women make far better choices when they know their parents are waiting up to hear about their evening." I tried this with Telisha, she did not take well, told me I wasn't her mother.

Well, I am not going to paste the whole article into the blog- or you can watch it above.

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