Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Katrina's First E'mail from MTC upon Pre-checkin

I found out there is gym class for girls only. 5 days a week, 6am-630 (usually wake time 630. Breakfast at 7-8. Though I did not need an hour today to eat. Also showers only 8 per bathroom. I think there is two on a floor.

I roomed with 4 sisters, all international, japan, france, austria, and can't recall the other.

The room is small, I will send you a pic. small closets, like the size of the walk in in the sewing room but not a walk in. like only 2 ft deep, cupboard thing.

Last night I met all the thailand missionaries. 6 elders and two sisters. That all. That is my branch. And all of them have been here for 6 weeks. My sister comes today. My classes will have two teachers, and me and my companion, that's it. It is that small. I hope I will not overpower my companion in class with all my questions and comments. So there will be four sister to a room that fits 6. I hope my companion or the two sisters would want to go to the early morning class (it rotates, step aerobics, yoga etc) One of the senior elders, Dr. here said they do that "so that the elders do not ruin the sisters"

I have noticed I like to talk alot. I do feel this could be a problem. I asked the international sisters what kind of calling they had. I noticed I talked the most about mine. I hope I did not come off as I was trying to one them up.
Please send me snail mail too. I ONLY GET 30 MIN OF COMPUTER TIME. I thought it was an hour. :(

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