Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MTC First P Day

Here are a few paragraphs from Katrina's first P day Email

The sisters told me "I have never met anyone, ever, not even here in the MTC who has such a strong desire to serve the Lord and is so hard working. You are amazing and we love you. We thought when you first came that you were for us, to inspire us to be more excited about the gospel. Even if you only serve with us for a few weeks we have gained from it. And maybe that is one of the many reasons you were called to this mission to help us"

I have not met anyone! who is paying for their own missions one sister said "my parents paid for my brother mission and they are paying for mine too" another said "my parents wanted to make that sacrifice becuase they wanted the blessing that come along with it" I am SHOCKED that no one paid for all of there mission.

I will be sending my journal entries (copy) to the family snail mail so you can read about my companion, district, function of MTC, and my hard ships, and a little of what I have been eating

I love you and all

Your Daughter for eternity,

Sister Amero

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