Monday, February 14, 2011

Sis. Amero's Newest Message for Posting

This week my companion was sent to Laperie, and I got to stay here in Sirnakerin and was given a native Thai sister for a companion. That was an adventure but not too bad, seeing she attended BYU-Hawaii,so could speak english. Her family lives in Thailand and her first p-day she went home to unpack,because she was in Hawaii when she got her call so she had to return home to unpack and take what she did/didn't need for the mission. How weird is that? She also told me she said she wouldn't go on a mission if she got called to Thailand thinking that God would see she can speak English and her desire to learn a language. Which is opposite of what I think. I think whites shouldn't come here because the church should be sending out its own native Thai's here. It is hard to get into homes. People look at us as strangers, see us as someone they cannot relate to because we don't look like them and don't speak very well. It was so much easier inviting when you have a Thai person with you, they can relate to her and she can speak.

The Thai companion wasn't very kind to me. It made me grateful for the companion I do have. She told me not to look so bored in lessons even though she knows I don't know what is going on and I am confused. So, it isn't boredom that I feel, it's confusion. She told me to have better eye contact, and to talk louder, and be bold. I wanted to give up, and apparently she did too in her first transfer. If I lived 2 hours away I think I would be tempted too, but she said she didn't because her parents,family and friends would be sad and she cares about them so she stayed.

Religion here is considered culture. So a lot of the time people think we are trying to replace their culture with ours. It is rough. They also think that we and our parents are rich and just send us over here for an adventure or something. If I could speak I would tell them my parents are not paying for me to be here. I worked hard and it is all my own savings. And if I was so rich would I really choose to come to a third world country? (You can't even flush toilet paper down the toilet)

Bugs. A daily occurance. Every day I find at least 15 ants in the apt. and that is on a good day. If I was home I would probably freak out if I found bugs in my hair, on my clothes, on the table, desk, .. oh yeah, note to self- ants like toothpaste too. So now I roll them in between my fingers like a booger and crunch their nasty insect skeleton bodies.

I found a lizard, it lives in the table, kind of scary when you know where it is and your legs go under the table, it is the kind of lizzard that bites you and won't
let go. How you get it off is by breaking its spine to kill it. So you stay away from them, my khuu (companion) told me not to worry and they are more scared of us than we are of them. (haha right, like poisenous snakes)

I Was thinking about D&C 4 the other day and how it says the field is white and ready for harvest, referring to mission work and the plant, people, are prepared to come unto christ. I was thinking it really doesn't matter if you plant a bunch of seeds in the mission or if you are reaping the plants. Both are essential parts of the harvest, as long as you are doing one and working hard it doesn't matter how many seeds (people you invite) or how many plants you reap (baptisms/0 you get.

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  1. This is the home email,isn't it? Oh well,Katrina...I sure know that by the end of her mission the emails won't be like this! I know that it's rough at first but she will get through it.I know with all my heart that there is an eternal effect reason why she is here.And that she isn't here just for us,Thai people but she is also here for herself.One elder talked to me and he said,before my mission I thought I would go on my mission to help others but now on my mission,I know that I'm also here to help myself.2 years on the mission will effect until not just the rest of my life but continue on my eternal life.The time when you are on your mission is the time that you get to improve yourself to be the person you really meant to be.