Sunday, February 6, 2011

Katrina has been serving in Thailand for 1 month now. She sent home a few photos and inspirational notes. She continues to work hard every day and enjoys speaking English with anyone who knows it.

Katrina says these are a few favorite experiences from her week.
One of our first dinners at the apartment, we forgot we had to buy groceries the night before and since we are new to the apartment there were no staples in the apt.and no food, so the elders made us curry, and rice and even cut up watermelon for us and gave us peanut brittle from trader joes, which must have been a gift from home, they can't cook but the act of kindness was great.

I made french toast to celebrate my 2nd week in the country, and used whipping cream instead of milk, and used my pumpkin spice that was sent to me from home. The French toast turned out great and when the Elders stopped by to drop off a box of 24 BOM they were blown away by the smell. It was a time that I wish I had my own kitchen though, a hot plate and microwave is not that way to live.

Yummy Icecream....we went to a recent convert house and they weren't home, and the relative there was buying icecream, he asked if we wanted some. We told him, no we are good, and then all of sudden Icecream is in my hand! He gave anyways, after I said no so many times, and it tasted amazing with real coconut in it, and rice at the bottom, evaporated milk, and jelly (like tapioca but big) and since my companion was fasting, she gave me hers, after trying to pawn it off to two children on the walk back to the church.

Randomness- we were walking in a mall to go to the post office and someone says in perfect english "You are LDS, I know" so creepy, no time to see who it was walking by and all. It sounded like he was from Africa though, there are a lot of Africans living here.

We get stared at a whole lot, being foreigners and all, young and white, and two cars almost hit because one couldn't take his eyes off of us. LOL

We were lead by a stranger- contacting in a neighborhood and someone says the name of someone, like repeating it, so we follow the person and we are delivered to a golden investigator family, who learned with mormon missionaries before. Strangers do recognize us as servants of God!

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