Monday, February 21, 2011

Update letter to Mission President

Sister Amero wants to share her letters to the President
Dear President Smith,
I am so blessed to have the Book of Mormon in my life and the opportunity to share it with the world. I am thankful that we have a living prophet who has called me to this great and Marvelous work.

Thank you for calling me last week, I ponder often on the council you give me.

Despite being off my feet I still kept my purpose in mind. Even though the zone leaders brought over two games for us to play with all the time we had on our hands. I had so much to do. I was so close to finishing the Book of Mormon and... I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON!! Woo Hoo!! 3 times now. I feel so good! The scriptures are awesome and I am on a mission because we (the world) have the Book of Mormon. I am surprised I don't pass out with joy, that my joy doesn't over take my physical frame like in Alma chapter 19.

Since I was done with the Book of Mormon I opened up the New Testament and started reading some highlighted passages one of which was 1 Cor 10:13. And I got to thinking. It doesn't say sin in it. And what does common really mean? I asked Sister Hirschi and she said all temptations are common, everyone faces them. I got to thinking no temptation is so flashy, sparkly and tempting all common and everyone is tempted. I then thought "what tempts me?" "Home. Home tempts me, it beckons me, it is such a heaven on earth, joy is there, happiness and loads and loads of peace are there. My soul hungers for this. Oh, how I desire to be there." ... This is a common temptation, "you are in Thailand" I told myself as if I forgot. But I want to think, it is not a common temptation, look around you! Look at all the valiant steadfast missionaries. I don't think they are home sick, they LOVE the work and love helping people come unto Christ and they have a smile doing it. THIS temptation is not common. Then the verse says (1 cor 10:13) there is a way to escape, I then started thinking about home, that's an escape from here, my mind goes there when I thirst for peace and comfort, when I become overwhelmed and stressed. Nope, that's not the escape it is talking about. So, let's see, other escapes- The scriptures. Scriptures always make me happy, sharing them, reading them, discussing them, delighting in them, applying them, reading them, cross referencing them, finding new meaning, finding context, oh the joy! Never once have I thought "I wish I wasn't reading them." It is satan who tells us you don't have time, they won't understand them if you try to explain." The verse in 1 Cor also says there will be a way to bear it. The scriptures are how I bear it. The scriptures give me strength and desire. I will always make them my constant companion.

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