Saturday, July 10, 2010


I still have a few steps before I go to the MTC in October, other than the obvious such as packing- I have to write a letter of acceptance to the First Presidency that must be endorsed (signed) by my bishop. I also have a long list of shots I have to get before reporting. Plus being interviewed to be endowed and also set apart as a missionary by the Stake President before I go.

Packing- Very light. only 4-5 outfits, plus 1 pajama, 1 robe, 1 exercise suit, 1 service outfit (no jeans) 6 socks and 6 nylons. Also have to allow 8-12lb allowance in my luggage to add MTC materials and paperwork.

Despite the remaining final steps in this, which seems like forever (finished my papers around may 18) process I am ready to go. I am astonished too. How could I be ready? I know Thailand, personally, is where I am sent. Not by chance or by some kind of magic bingo number, luck of the draw thing.

I have accepted that my Father in Heaven desires that I make the Trek to Bangkok, Thailand.

I know that He does not send his children to the corners of the earth without a divine purpose in store.

I know with all my heart the gospel has been restored on this earth and that I have been called by a prophet to represent the Church.

Heavenly Father loves me and I will put all my trust in His plan. I look forward to becoming lost in the work.

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