Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Becoming Prepared

Today I did some preparing. Went to Target with Mom, and got my favorite marker device for Scripture marking- Crayola Twistables. Also all the backpacks were expensive, the store brand one I thought about getting was 14.99.

We decided to go to Marshells, Mom headed to shoes, naturally and as usual. I headed to luggage and found all the backpacks. They had Jansport, hurley, billabong, Adidas, Columbia, High Seirra and Under Armour. I got a gray / black Under Armour one for 24.00 and the 49.99 tag was still on it! See picture above. Thinking me helmet would go wear the volleyball is now. (Missionaries have to have dark color conservative backpack/ shoulder bag). That's only 10 more dollars than the one from Target and better patting and quality.

While Mom was in shoes I spotted my favorite brand of Tennis Shoes, Saucony ($34.00 compare at 60). Mom said I didn't need them but I do! If I am going to have shoes for two years I don't want to bring ones I already have worn down. My newest pair of Tennis shoes I got in March- since then have put about 5-6 miles on them 5 days a week.

Last night was FHE. So fun, for me anyways. I know some people were very competitive during Ultimate Frisbee. Also some people, actually the RS president, was getting irritable because people began cheating. I just laughed and told them "Come on now, this is family home evening, and should be fun for everyone, its just a game" It was funny that people were trying to strategize frisbee though lol.

I was also offered to be in a dance commercial- to promote YSA dances. Though he offered me to do Jazz (See picture above). I am not good a jazz, you have to be really close to your partner AND face them, which makes my pulse go high and I get really warm and want to flee the scene. (if boys knew this they would just laugh at my nervousness) Anyways. Said I would. He offered noon- 3 the next day- that's really soon. Which would work seeing that Tuesday is the first day of the week I work and can nap before I go vs sleeping 1-9 like I usually do on a week day. He texts me at like 230 though saying come over. He wants me to dance in front of the Eatonville waterfall, which is an hr away from here. I told him, "I REALLY want to dance and help you but I live in __ and Eatonville is like an hr away. You can come here and dance. It is unfortunate Eatonville is so far away and didn't call sooner since I have to sleep before I work tonight" He told me he had to edit the video tonight, I wanted to ask him why did he not ask me sooner? I gave him a name of someone closer, who has gone to dances with us but he said it wouldn't work "She doesn't dance like you... You can follow" Great, I'm a follower.

Also, why didn't he ask me sooner if he knew he needed to edited tonight. My depressing guess is I was his last choice. Two reasons- 1. his lateness in asking me. 2. where asked me- fhe convenience for him, didn't go out of his way. 3. didn't do it in the morning, which would work better for me but I guess it isn't about what works for me, guess he doesn't care and 4. the dance he picked- I know- fox trout, salsa, cha cha, waltz, and swing, not jazz. 5. I haven't heard from this person in more than 3 weeks. I left him a comment on his face book wall and texts that didn't receive replies either. (Text- I understand if someone is busy but reply when you get a chance. Its called courtesy, I dont care if its a few days- just say you couldnt get to them then but can now) I wonder if he knows that I am going out of MY way to do this (yes I love dancing that aside). Starting to feel like when I hear from him its when he wants something. Doesn't want something, doesn't want anything to do with me. I could be wrong- I am willing to admit this. Time will tell.

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