Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Gospel defines who I am

The gospel defines who I am. it is apart of me and my standards radiate in all my doings. I proclaim- I am planning on serving a mission. When I am in the service of my fellow being I am in the service of God. I have faith in God that my call is from Him and inspired. I am grateful that the Elders held their standard high and stayed worthy so they could be an instrument of God. If they were not I would not have an inspired call. They are though and have I have received an inspired call.

I am so thankful for members who strive to live the gospel standards on a day to day basis; this is a difficult thing to do.

I know that Heavenly Father has heard my prayers and also has heard my thoughts and concerns. Today I gave my "Missionary Acceptance letter" to be endorsed by my Bishop, President Almond suprised me and said "I know you are scared but I have a good feeling about this" "Really?" With all sincerity he affirmed that my mission call is truly from the Lord.

Heavenly Father knows that I am scared to go to Thailand. Since He knows this He sent me two of his faithful servants. My bishop to reconfirm that that is where I need to be and also his wife, who was born there and told me, "If I had the opportunity to go on a mission Thailand would be my first pick" Hearing that alone was a HUGE comfort. She also told me, which I have heard (what little I have heard about it) that the people are so kind. Also that it is a beautiful place, great place to go back to and vacation etc etc.

I know that where I need to labor is in thailand. Though just as I typed that I thought "THAILAND, really?" Then I think, where ever God wants me to go or do I should not have a problem with it. I mean, how does the alternative look? What would my life be nevermind not getting into that.. I know that Thailand is the mission for me. I know that God does not set His children up for failure. I will not be the first missionary ever there. He has prepared a way for me. I know that the language will come in time. All things are in Time. For now, I will prepare by increasing my relationship with God.

This last week my focus has not been on preparing for a mission. I need not sweat the small things and to focus on what really matters. Now, and in life, what matters is not worldly or temporal things. This does not bring eternal happiness. My attention and focus are to be things relating to God, His gospel, and serving in the Church. My concerns this week have not been those. My goal is that my focus is to be of things eternal and not of the world.

Right now I will continue/ am reading the Scriptures, and when my eyes tire or I no longer understand what I am reading I reread it, because that means I am missing something or I will set my scriptures aside and come back to them with new eyes. I am attending all church meetings. I am praying with more heart. I am seeking answer through those prayers that the message will come through 1. the scriptures. 2. my thoughts. 3. through those who are in tuned with the spirit and receive revelation. Which includes- my mother, my father, priesthood holders, worthy members and those who have faithfully served on missions.

I am thankful that my father in heaven has answered my prayers. I have an overwhelming comfort and am blessed to be enlisted in the work; the work of the Lord.

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