Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh Joy, no more foil on the window pane

Left work feeling kind of empty. Did all my work, as usual. I didn't care that I was leaving, haven't slack off yet, why start now? Plus, didn't want to leave with any regrets. Day shift, for the past two days, haven't said anything to me unless I ask them something- then it's short responses. As I was clocking out one says, "So, why are you leaving" I give her a short reply since she worked beside in silence for the past 20 min with no intention for conversation, wasn't about to start a long as I am leaving, "I want a break." "you want a break?" "yup."

... But I'm not really taking a break, am I? When employed I did FHE and school now Every week I will- go to school, fhe, institute, dances, service projects, do visit teaching, splits with the sisters, and Temple trips. In between all that- study preach my gospel, and Thai Language. Plus help more around the house.

My experience at St. Joseph has been... what word first comes to mind is- Disgusting. I am a supply stock person for areas over the hospital, including the OR. I was (love WAS!) a Material Specialist. Which means supplies. During my employment I, However, did patient transports, including to the morgue (very interesting sick smells) and dirty linen. Had to retrieve contaminated baby carts and basins used during birth to be sterilized too. Also the Aroma of the Tacoma is always pleasant especially when it enters the hospital ventilation system (or the hospital doesn't ventilate)- smells like a baby ate prunes and the diaper went through a giant Hollywood fan. Minor negatives I guess. At least the benefits were good, I would work for the Franciscan Health System again- Just not on Hilltop, or working graveyard 5 days a week.

Now That I am unemployed, Wow! that means I won't have to split my sleep in half on Tuesdays or stay up for 29 hours on Sundays! :D

I can put my focus where it needs to be. Preparing. (see July 13 post 'planning')

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