Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I guess you would call them events.

In August there is a family Reunion in Oregon. I'm not a big fan of camping. I get eaten a live by misquitos, and lakes scare me, and sleeping where I can hear my dad snoring and kids screaming just isn't 'fun.' Who knows, maybe I will skip that and go to Ocean shores with a few of my close friends instead.

In September my Grandma and Grandpa from California will be coming to visit me. I kind of NOT want to be working when that happens. Graveyard, as none of you know, is tiring when it comes to maintaining relationships with friends and family for 1 reason- TIME. You call at 7am its too early. thay call at 4pm. It's like 3am to me and I am sleeping. They text you during thier lunch break- I do the same at 3am and they are sleeping. haha I guess I am already international in that sense.

I also want to visit my brother and sister in law. Jaeden and Sachi are expecting a baby girl on October 14th. Since I don't report til Ocotber 20th maybe I could leave from the TX airport to MTC. Plus, how badly would that suck if I didn't get to hold their baby until it was like 2 years old. I also haven't seen them since August of 2008.

Within my 11 weeks of unemployment I also want to keep my week days busy:

Sunday- church
Monday- fhe, chores, laundry. Study Thai culture.
Tuesday- Study thai lang. Be home taught and do Visiting teaching
Wednesdays- institute in puyallup at night and do temple trip in the morning
Thursday- institute in tacoma. Do sister mission splits locally
Fridays- split w sisters, write blog/journal
Saturdays- service project, Bonfire at meadows and dances.

Seems like gas money would be a concern...

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