Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got a letter from Bangkok

The letter is a welcome, and congratulations and also to use my time wisely in the MTC and in the field. Surprised it didn't say to be time wise before mission or to study as much as I can before.

Also to not worry about the living conditions. And that the voltage there is 220, so make sure my straightner, curling iron and blow dryer don't exceed that. But the converters aren't reliable so purchase them here. But large curling irons don't exist there.

Also won't be wearing nylons- bring enough for MTC and zone conference, district conferences.

Thought it was interesting to bring 12 hankerchiefs, for when it is hot, which is always.

Light blouses (white or pastel), but bring deodorant, not antiperpiant because the armpits will turn yellow- yummy. Also there are no dryers in Thailand, all hang dry.

They also suggest I don't buy a backpack in the U.S. I guess I will be returning mine.

Also that shoe sizes above size 7 is difficult to find in Thailand.

Something I wasn't going to back- sweater and blazer. for when there is AC.

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