Friday, August 13, 2010

Spilts with the sister Mills and Ash

Yesterday, I did splits with the sister Missionaries. Me and Sister Mills taught the plan of salvation to a 13yr boy and his younger brother. The mother already heard the lesson but wanted them to hear it too since it filled in alot of holes for her. The mother has not committed to baptism yet, her husband, according to sister Mills "Has been golden since the get go but Gidget needs some more work" The husband is getting baptized this Sunday! The 13yr old doesn't know if he wants to get baptized, he is very quiet. He was peaking into the culture hall and I told him about young mens, and basketball, and high adventure and all the fun activities, He started to smile and the mother stated she wanted him involved in something like that.

After we shared the plan of salvation to the boys the mother said she would be able to go to church the next 2 sundays. Sister Mills then says "you know, if you come to church the third Sunday, you could get baptized that day?" she now has a baptism date of Aug 29th! I was joking with Sister Mills, "It's cuz I was here, see? first lesson, and I already got baptism commitments" :P And... The husband is set to get the Aaronic priesthood by the 29th so he will baptize her! The wife said, "I always wanted to get married in a church" "Oh," I said "Well, a temple is even better" and briefly explained 'for all time and eternity" verses "til death do ye part." Also, this was odd I said this and wasn't sure why I was prompted too- I told her that babies go strait to the celestial kingdom, and unlike Catholics believe, we believe that babies are innocent and do not have original, Adam's sin. She then tells me she used to be catholic and had 5 miscarriages. I am happy the spirit prompted me to share that with her, she began to cry and was happy that Heavenly Father is taking care of lost children in heaven.

I was also suppose to do a church tour at 1pm with the sisters but the person didn't show tho. Emily, the fellowship person showed, she has been investigating the church for 3 yrs but parents won't let be baptized until she is 18 in May. So all of us just had a lesson about the mission call letter, what stuck out, and also what blessing are families have by us serving and how every member is a missionary and can conduct self like one now.

Oh, I also calculated how much gas I am spending this month- $350. Ouch.

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