Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thought I would enjoy the Sun

Well, I don't. The Sun woke me up every day since i quit. First day was like at 5 something, same with the next, and the next was at like 640, Today was 710 so it is getting better. I really ought to go to bed closer to 10pm though so I can have 8hrs of rest.

Also going hiking today, WaterFalls! YAY! first hike since I quit, was going to go on Monday but strained my back, probably was work, idk. So did chores for like 4 hrs and then was scolded by my sister and mother about picking up. Caught me off guard too...

On Tuesday I did like 5 weeks worth of Laundry, lol, found 1 pr of hospital scrubs, not gonna return them though, work was 20 miles away.

Also, I have 1 week left of school. Almost done. After I pound out school gonna read "Jesus the Christ" want to finish Doctrine and Convenants, in section like 63 right now, want to finish the Book of Mormon too, in Alma 50s or 60s now, want to study preach my gospel, all lessons and begin reading, "drawing on the powers of heaven" when buying this book also bought Christmas 2010, since I won't be around for it.

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