Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Update to the President.

President Smith,
This week I was so happy I had the opportunity to teach English. The church members and members of the community are so anxious to learn and are so helpful in the class. I am so blessed that I am able to serve the people of Thailand in this regard.

I am happy to hear you enjoyed speaking with my mother, she is truly an amazing saint, I am happy to hear you felt you have become good friends with her. She looks forward to picking me up from Thailand.

We have two progressing investigators, one a family and the other a middle age woman. We also had someone from off the street come to church, a person who has never studied with Missionaries but already has a testimony of the gospel and has sacrficed so much. Her faith is amazing,because she has already had her husband leave her for it.

I know the people of Thailand are being prepared to hear the gospel, the middle age woman told us she has studied a lot. I know she is thirsting for the gospel, she came to church and told a member after she returns from going out of town she is getting baptized and will learn more from the sisters. This was news to us! I know she will be a great member, she even helped on Sunday with preparing the food.

Contacting is fun, we talk to so many people. I can tell they have no idea what I am saying and just look at Sister Hirschi, but I am glad they don't tell me negative remarks, they are so kind and are shocked when I tell them (then Sister Hirschi repeats the same phrase and then they get it) that I haven't even been here for 2 weeks yet. They are a very helpful and giving people.

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