Monday, January 17, 2011

We had it wrong, Katrina is in Srinakarin not Chiang Mai...

Okay we had it wrong. We got Katrina's second email from Thailand. Her companion from the MTC went to Chiang Mai, the heavenly location. That is not Katrina's location. Katrina's first area is just outside of Bangkok in Srinakarin. She is still in shock over the living conditions, the dirt, the molds and the smell of sewer from all the drains. She says she showers with ants and has constant mosquitoe bites. The floaters in the water have been a huge concern and we still don't understand why she isn't buying 100% of her water since the mission office says that they do buy it.

Her good news is that all the people they teach are very ready to hear the lessons and they all want to be baptized.

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